Toddler Room

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About the Toddler Room

At Unley Community Childcare Centre we have a strong focus on creating an encouraging, and safe environment for children to practice new skills, experiment, and develop dispositions for learning such as resilience, and perseverance. 


Our nurturing educators use encouragement, modelling and scaffolding to support children to persist through challenges, grow their skills, develop their independence and take pride in their achievements and attempts. Our educators work with children to support them to develop strategies to safely and effectively express themselves, understand and process their emotions and develop the skills for self-regulation.


Our program has a strong focus on promoting children’s emerging autonomy by encouraging children to explore, ask questions, be curious and express a sense of wonder and joy in their learning and play. The program is child led, with our educators using children’s interests and intentional teaching strategies to explore and learn about a range of concepts, topics, and ideas.


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What to bring

Please ensure your child’s property is clearly labelled to prevent mix ups!


  • your child’s water bottle – don’t worry if you forget this one our centre has cups and sipper cups available
  • spare clothing to accomodate changes in weather, accidents and messy play
  • your child’s comfort item if they have one
  • 5 named nappies or 5 named pairs of underwear and pants for children who are toileting
  • if using cloth nappies we ask families to provide a water proof bag that can be closed for storing soiled nappies in
  • a water proof bag for other soiled items
  • your child’s bottles, milk and/or formula for the day, these must be named and dated. If using breast milk, pouches can be stored in the fridge or kept frozen in the freezer. If using formula, we ask families to premeasure the water and provide portioned formula in a separate container. If us-ing milk or milk alternatives we ask this to be premeasured in your childs bottle.
    Note: we cannot wash, sanitise or reuse bottles, please ensure you provide an adequate number of bottles to suit your child’s dietary needs for the day


We kindly ask families not to bring toys to care as these can easily become lost or damaged.

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