“Every moment matters”


In relation to families

We believe families are an integral part of our service. We believe children and their families are unique and diverse therefore we respect family values and promote an awareness of diversity. We are committed to providing high quality education and care for all families and believe in the importance of partnerships whilst caring for children. Educators strive to keep the lines of communication open and honest. We encourage the participation of families via the management committee, centre events and activities, verbal and written communication and to have input into the daily life and future directions of our centre.

In relation to children

Children are at the centre of everything we do. We focus on nurturing positive relationships between children and educators as they are the key for the development of dispositions essential for learning. We believe that children need to develop a sense of trust with educators in order to have the confidence to explore and take on necessary risks to enhance their learning. Children will develop a sense of trust and understanding which supports and encourages their learning and sense of being, belonging and becoming.

In relation to educators

Our Educators have a genuine love and passion of children and their development. Educators support each other and work as a team to achieve the best outcomes for the children, families, community and each other. Our Educators work collaboratively with families to develop positive partnerships and allow children to form secure attachments by assisting them to achieve a sense of being, belonging and becoming. Our educators are guided by the centres policies and procedures and work towards continuous improvement through professional development and in house training. They are the voice in the centre’s future and contribute to decision making through regular staff meetings and a staff representative at committee meetings. Where possible the centre strives to achieve a positive work life balance for the educators to minimise stress and create a sense of harmony and well-being within the team.

In relation to the curriculum

We value all forms of learning and development and believe that through play children learn about themselves and others and develop the ability to express idea’s, explore, imagine, create and become curious. Educators engage in shared learning experiences with children and allow the opportunity for spontaneous and emergent curriculums whilst still focusing on the development of key areas of learning such as social, emotional, language, cognitive and physical. Our programs are created using the Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Standards as a guide. Our Educators aim to provide children with life skills and encourage resilience and independence through routines and daily experiences. Children are exposed to a variety of experiences which allows them to be engaged and participate to become unique individuals.

In relation to Community

We value the contribution that the community has to our centre and aim to give back to our community through the services that we offer and through implementing sustainable practices that better our children’s future. We encourage the children’s sense of belonging by incorporating the values of the wider community within the centres curriculum. We aim to utilise companies from the community for both incursions and excursions. We strive to use natural and recycled materials in our experiences and play spaces and incorporate sustainable practices into our daily routines.


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Unley Community Childcare Centre Policies, updated version 2017

Continuous Improvement
Unley CCC is developing a culture of continuous improvement. Management and staff will be committed to continuous improvement according to the National Quality Framework and National Standards.

This Philosophy will be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure it reflects the current views and values of the community.