Our Team

The most important asset we have here at Unley Community Childcare Centre is our amazing, caring and experienced staff team.

The Centre operates with a dynamic and enthusiastic group of educators that truly are the backbone of this small and unique centre.

Being such a small centre allows us to have a great educator to child ratio and qualified educators in each room. We pride ourselves on the relationships we are able to build with our children, as we believe that they are the foundations to the best possible education, development and care of each child. We are committed to professional and personal staff development as we also believe it is a fundamental to providing a high quality service.


Veranica (Nica) – Director

Nica joined Unley CCC in December 2015. She has worked in childcare for 15 years, has two children of her own and has worked with all ages in a variety of job roles. She completed her Diploma of Children’s Services in 2006 and is passionate about programming and planning and childhood development. Nica works Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Lauren – Assistant Director

Lauren joined the team in April 2016 and has worked in various roles throughout the centre. Lauren holds a Diploma in Children’s Services and has worked within the Education and Care sector for over 15 years. She is passionate about supporting children to develop confidence and resilience and loves planning natural play spaces for children to explore and investigate. Lauren is also the centre’s work, health and safety officer and works Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays.

Sue – Administration 

Sue works alongside Nica and Lauren in the office, assisting with admin duties on Wednesdays.


Serife (Shez) – Lead Educator (Full time)

Shez began her journey with Unley CCC in 2016 as a student and has completed her Certificate 3 in Children’s Services and is currently studying her Diploma. Shez is passionate about educating and extending children’s learning through positive interactions, communication and play.

Anna – Assistant Educator (Full time)

Anna has been in the childcare industry for over 15 years and holds a certificate 3 in children services. Anna joined the team in 2020 and has an infectious laugh, positive attitude and bubbly personality which makes her a perfect addition to the Nursery team.


Djarra – Lead Educator (Fulltime)

Djarra joined the Unley Team in 2017 as a casual employee and has now moved into the role of the Lead Educator within the Toddler room. She has several years experience in this role and is passionate about creating inviting and interesting play spaces for children to learn, building children’s self esteem and embedding culture into everyday practices. Djarra is also the drive behind the centre’s reconciliation action plan ad sustainability plan and is also heavily involved in the union as a union rep.

Deborah (Deb) – Assistant Educator (Monday-Thursday)

Deb holds her diploma in children services and has worked in the childcare industry for over 10 years. She joined Unley in 2020 and she is passionate about children’s development which is why she is the centre’s Educational leader as she has the opportunity to support other educators with programming and planning.


Ella – Early Childhood Teacher (Monday – Friday 12pm-6pm)

Ella is studying her Bachelor of Early Childhood and she has been with the centre since 2014 in varying roles. in 2020 she took on the role of the Early Childhood Teacher and hasn’t looked back! Ella is passionate about teaching children in the 3-6 age range, teaching children about emotional regulation and protective practices and preparing children for their transition to school.

Jenelle- Assistant Educator (Monday-Friday 730am-12:15pm)

Jenelle began her time at Unley CCC as a student in 2018 and we were lucky enough to have her stay on with us as an educator. Jenelle has recently completed her Bachelor of Early Childhood and believes that it’s important for children to have a voice in their care environment.


Angelina – Cook

Angelina joined the team in 2020 and works Monday-Friday preparing delicious, nutritious meals for your children. Angelina has extensive experience in cooking and catering and planning meals for various modified diets/cultural needs.

Tom – Assistant Educator/Lunch Cover

Tom joined us in 2016 and has completed his Certificate III in Children’s Services. Tom works across all the rooms providing lunch cover throughout the week and is passionate about developing lasting relationships with children and families. Tom also supports Djarra in leading sustainability across the centre.

Leonie – Assistant Educator 

Leonie holds a Diploma in Children’s Services and joined the team here at Unley in 2018. Leonie has worked in many childcare centres around SA in various roles and has several years of experience. Leonie supports our toddler and Kindy rooms throughout the week. Leonie is very passionate about creating news experiences for the children and introducing them to new materials and sensory activities.

Kylea – Assistant Educator 

Kylea joined the team as a casual employee in 2019 and current works in the Kindy room on Thursdays and Fridays as an inclusion support worker. Kylea has 2 children of her own and is great at communication building with children.

We also have several valuable casual employees who help us out throughout the year.

A comprehensive orientation procedure for all new Educators, including relief, is in place to ensure consistent practices and continuity for children and families.