The Centre has developed policies and procedures in response to the COVID19 Pandemic

These include but are not limited to

  • COVID checklist for all new families entering the building for show throughs
  • Hand sanitizer readily available throughout the centre
  • Daily cleaning by professional cleaners
  • Any child or educator displaying two or more symptoms of COVID-19 e.g. cough and runny nose is sent home and requires a doctor’s clearance to return to care
  • Updating families through our online app, Storypark on relevant information from SA Health and the South Australian Government
  • When cases are high, restricting families from entering the building during drop off and pick up
  • Allowing educators a choice to wear face masks
  • having small group times rather than whole group
  • practicing social distancing where possible

We are constantly reviewing our practices, policies and procedures in line with current information from SA Health, the Government of South Australia and the Education Standards Board.