About UCCC

The Unley Community Childcare Centre (UCCC) is not-for-profit centre, operated by a Management Committee made up of family members, for children ranging in age from 6 weeks through to 6 years.

Unley Community Childcare Centre is a small 30 place centre and has higher child to educator ratios than are required under the National Quality standards. This allows a higher quality of care for each child as there is less demand on the educators and more time to focus on building relationships, interacting and meeting the needs of each and every child. Uniquely, this also allows our staff to get to know each of the children they care for, and their families, on a much more personal level than you might find at other centres.

Here at UCCC we aim to provide our children and their families with a happy, nurturing and positive environment where each and every child feels safe and secure – both in themselves and in those around them.

Your child is unique

Every child is seen and valued as an individual. At UCCC, we respect that no two children are alike. We foster a safe and caring environment for all children in our care. Our aim here at UCCC is to provide equal opportunities for children of all abilities to be exposed to a wide range of experiences and interactions on a daily basis.

At UCCC, we celebrate the diverse backgrounds from which our children come from through experiences with different cultures, languages and practices.

Fostering confidence and equality…

At UCCC, we guarantee that our team of wonderful staff respect the skills, knowledge and abilities of every child and ensure that all experiences, interactions and materials used at the centre support gender equity and non-bias principles.

We aim to provide the best possible quality care for young children to complement at home care and support parents/guardians, staff and the community. We believe in primary care giving, which works towards establishing positive, secure and nurturing relationships with the child. These relationships form the foundation for learning, and create endless possibilities for each and every child in our care.