Fees and Charges

Permanent Daily Rate

Fee structure as of Feb 2021

Daily Fee: $118.50

Casual Rate

Each week the director emails out casual bookings to families, families are able to access these bookings on a first come first serve basis and days are charged as a standard day fee. Any casual bookings cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will still be charge for a full days fee.


All families will be required to pay a bond of $250 per child prior to commencing care. This payment is required prior to the first day of care. The bond will be offset against your account when you withdraw from the centre, providing two weeks notice is given and all outstanding accounts are paid.

Hat Fee

To comply with current SunSmart recommendations the centre provides broad brim hats with the centres logo for each Childs use throughout the year. To assist in covering the cost of weekly laundering each family will be charged a yearly fee of $10.

Waiting List Fee

All waiting list applications will attract a $20 non refundable admin fee. This fee is to be paid into the centres bank account and your waiting list application will not be finalized until this fee is received.

Late Fees

Children must be collected prior to closing time or a late fee will apply. The late fee will be charged at $2.00 per minute after 6 pm with a minimum charge of $10 and will not attracted Childcare Subsidy. This applies to all late collections.


The centre asks families to supply 5 nappies per day of care. If your child runs out of nappies Educators will attempt to contact you and ask if you would like the opportunity to drop more nappies off otherwise centre nappies will be used at a charge of $2 per nappy and this will be added to your account.

Wet Bags 

As part of the centres ongoing sustainable practices we are a plastic bag free centre. Families have the option to supply a suitable wet bag for wet or soiled clothing or purchase one from the centre on enrolment for $8.