Nursery Room

Our Nursery Room educators are a calm and nurturing team. Our focus being the secure positive relationships with both the children and their families. We believe that it’s these relationships that are the foundation to the children’s learning, sense of self and well being. Our program is based on the development of these relationships and the Early Years Learning Framework with a strong emphasis on learning through play. We maintain a focus on the interests and strengths of each individual child in our care as well as a collaborate group making the program flexible and open-ended for all children. Programs are created monthly and focus on children’s current strengths and areas for development, whilst primarily focusing on building lasting relationships and sensory play.

Each child has a learning folder that documents their ongoing learning development from when they begin care. This folder is made up of collected works, learning stories, photos, observations and individual focuses. These are always made available to families and as always we value input and feedback.